11'2" Surge

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The Surge SUP is a perfect choice for entry level paddlers for use in flatwater or coastal open water conditions. The SURGE SUPs all-around performance on various conditions is primarily due to the Traditional Longboard style rocker and outline. The entry rocker allows for great glide on flat water and just enough curve to glide above the chop.

The SURGE 11’2” features a wide platform for great stability while paddling. An integrated utility tie-down bungee system allows paddlers to safely secure belongings. Three-layer epoxy glass deck and two-layer epoxy glass bottom over a high-density EPS core.

The SURGE SUP package includes a complete set of accessories to get you out of the box and into the water.


  • Ergonomically designed board carry handle with vent incorporated
  • Utility Tie-Down bungee system
  • Click N’ Go fin
  • Padded board bag
  • Adjustable Carbon paddle with composite blade
  • 9’ Coil leash

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