InflatableKayak 2 person or Inflatable Kayak 1 person

To provide different kayaking experiences, we launched two types of inflatable kayaks, the inflatable kayak 2 person (also called “tandem kayaks” or “double kayak”), and the inflatable kayak 1 person. The 2-person inflatable kayak allows for two people to paddle together so you can spend time with your family, friends or your child and kayak on the water; while the 1 person kayak lets you go explore the oceans alone. 

Advantages of Inflatable Kayak 

An inflatable kayak has a few advantages over the traditional hard shell solid kayak. First of all, the inflatable kayak is light and easy to transport, a single person is able to lift and carry an inflatable kayak. An inflatable kayak is able to deflate and .fit into a smaller storage area. An inflatable kayak is also often more affordable than a hard shell kayak, and comes with more tougher, sturdier construction. Inflatable kayaks are becoming more and more popular. Get your own inflatable kayak from Jimmy Styks today!