Shark II Electric SUP Pump by Outdoor Master

$139.00 USD

Base Length 6.75" (17.15 cm)
Height 9.63" (24.46 cm)
Avg. Weight 10.4 oz. (.29 kg)

Key Features

Efficient Inflation: Rapid inflation time of 5-10 minutes per SUP board ensures you're on the water quickly.

Multiple Board Capacity: Inflates up to 3 paddle boards, making it ideal for group or family outings.

Intelligent Operations: The automatic shut-off feature guarantees both safety and convenience by stopping once the pre-set PSI is reached.

Advanced Cooling Technology:
Our patented Shark Active Cooling System prevents overheating, ensuring the pump works efficiently, especially on hot days.

Precision & Control:
The state-of-the-art processor offers exact inflation control, while the digital display provides PSI accuracy up to 0.01.

Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of inflatables including iSUPs, boats, and kayaks.

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The Power of Efficiency: Shark II Electric SUP Pump

Experience quick and efficient inflation with the Shark II Electric SUP Pump. Inflate your iSUP board in just 5-10 minutes or power through up to three boards consecutively. Its intelligent auto shut-off paired with our patented cooling system ensures optimal performance on even the hottest days. A precise digital display guarantees accurate inflation to your desired PSI. With an easy deflation mode and a compact, portable design, wrapping up your day is a breeze.

Universally compatible with multiple inflatables, this pump is a certified industry standout, making your water adventures effortless and enjoyable.

Key Features

Easy Deflation
Quick and user-friendly deflation feature allows efficient packing after use.

Compact & Portable
Its lightweight and compact design ensures easy transport and storage.

Universal Connectivity
Comes with a comprehensive nozzle set, and is ready to use with a car's 12V DC connector.

Certified & Endorsed
Meeting CA65, CE, and RoHS standards, and with industry partnerships, Shark II is a recognized and reliable product in its category.