Here at Jimmy Styks, we're always asked some common questions that we feel should be addressed to help you make the right choice when deciding on an iSUP. Read further to learn more about iSUPs.


Jimmy Styks iSUP

Jimmy Styks iSUP is short for “Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard”. iSUP is a great option for people that are challenged with the storage and transport of a traditional rigid style SUP. iSUP can easily be rolled out and inflated for use and deflated, rolled up, stored in carrying backpack and loaded into car. Much easier for outdoor enthusiasts that do not have a large vehicle with a rack for transport and limited storage space at home.


Follow these steps for care of your iSUP:

  • Do not over inflate! Inflate only to manufacturers recommendation.
  • Do not allow iSUP to sit in direct sun on the beach while taking a break. Air expands in the heat and can put unnecessary stress on the glued seams. Place in the shade.
  • You can leave board inflated in between uses if the board air pressure is reduced to level under the recommended pressure for paddling use. Do not store in direct sun even if board pressure has been reduced, UV light will degrade board materials. Store in shaded area.
  • Rinse iSUP with fresh water if using in saltwater before storing. Rinsing salt away will help keep deck pad soft and allow for longer board life.
  • Removing all air from iSUP will allow for easy roll-up. Fill valve should be set to open position.
  • Before storing iSUP in bag, allow iSUP to dry completely to prevent mold from growing while stored.
  • Store iSUP in a cool shaded place and be sure not to load other gear on top of Backpack.
  • Warm soapy water is best for cleaning board as other cleaners may be too harsh on board materials.


A Jimmy Styks iSUP has become a very desirable option for outdoor enthusiasts looking to get out on the water that do not have storage space for a rigid board and or a vehicle that can transport a rigid board. Advancements in construction have made the iSUP a great option. Drop Stitch construction that connects the top and bottom surface of the board is a must. The Jimmy Styks “Dual Layer Fusion” is this type of construction.


Stand Up Paddleboarding is extremely fun! The views while cruising over the water are comparable to a walk on the water. Standing on a Jimmy Styks board allows the paddler to view all the beauty under the water you are gliding over. Even the most leisurely paddle can give you a great low impact work out as you are balancing and paddling from the time you step off the beach until you return. The correct board choice while learning is the key to success so make sure you choose wisely! Start paddling today and join one of the fastest growing sports in the world!