Fin Set Up ISUP

Which Fin Setup is Best for My ISUP?

The Fin Set Up is a crucial feature on your Stand-Up Paddleboard. The most common set up is the Tri Fin. This fin set ...
March 22, 2022
A man is paddle boarding with Jimmy Styks inflatable SUPs

Why Jimmy Styks As Your ISUP?

Offering our customers the best Value, Quality and Designs available within the ISUP industry ....
March 19, 2022
People are paddle boarding with Jimmy Styks inflatable SUPs

How to Pick The Correct Size Jimmy Styks ISUP?

How to pick the correct iSUP requires much of the same information as picking a rigid board option. Stability is directly affected by ...
March 19, 2022
Close up of Jimmy Styks ISUPs

Care for Your Jimmy Styks Gear

Whether you just picked up a new board, new used, or have an oldie but goodie, taking the extra time to care for you board ...
March 19, 2022
Riding the wave

Surfing with your Jimmy Styks ISUP

An iSUP can be used in the surf on an entry/recreational level basis. The traditional longboard style shape being the best option for a surf iSUP ...
March 17, 2022
A group of people is about to paddleboarding with Jimmy Styks ISUPs2

Common questions about ISUPs

Jimmy Styks iSUP is short for “Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard”. iSUP is a great option for people that are challenged with the storage and transport ...

February 06, 2022