It is our goal at Jimmy Styks to offer our customers the best Value, Quality and Designs available within the ISUP industry. We strive to offer the most technically advanced materials and designs to ensure our customers can buy with confidence product that will stand the test of time. Jimmy Styks supports board features that work and add value to our range. With 13 years of manufacturing and paddling experience we know we can deliver!

Puffer Product Front View

ISUP Features

  • Roll-Go-Portability-Take this amazingly portable ISUP anywhere with ease
  • Dual Layer Fusion-Two fused layers of drop stitch provide enhanced rigidity and stiffness while also decreasing weight
  • Click N’Go Fin-Slide in the fin box and lock into place. No screw or fin plate to lose and no tools needed!
  • Strategically Placed Carrying Handles-Traditionally placement on deck of board and additional handles placed at the nose and tail for ease of carry
  • Utility Tie-Downs-Keep gear secure while paddling. Nylon webbing fixture points that do not rust and discolor board material
  • Aluminum Adjustable Paddle-Ergonomically designed handle with high impact nylon composite blade
  • Heavy Duty Backpack-Makes transport and storage easy
  • Dual Action High Pressure Pump-Set pump on setting 1 for high volume inflation and switch to setting 2 to complete high pressure fill
  • Repair Kit-Valve wrench, repair material and glue


ISUP Designs

  • Traditional Longboard Shape-Best All-Around shape for varied water conditions
  • Touring Shape-Uncompromised glide in flat water conditions
  • Hybrid ISUP/Yak-Versatility to paddle as a SUP or Kayak